Monday, March 26, 2007

India's Animal Lovers Against Cull On Street Dogs

Animal Lovers Association of India is speaking out against the government's desire to rid Bangalore of its street dogs.

"The state government of Karnataka ordered the "merciles
drive against the estimated 76,000 stray dogs that roam
the streets of Bangalore after two children were mauled
to death in the city by vicious packs of neighbourhood strays."

The Animal Lovers protest that the cull is both cruel and goes against the Hindu religion which is still practiced by the majority of the population. They are also insinuating that there will be a boycott of Karnataka's products if they go through with this culling of the dangerous street dogs. The city officials say they are just going to put the dogs in animal shelters. They will only kill the most vicious of the dogs that cannot be tamed.

The residents of Bangalore would like to see their city free of these roaming, dangerous packs of dogs.

"The unfortunate incident of two children killed by some stray dogs is rarest of the rare and cannot be generalised to portray in bad light the dog, supposedly mans best friend," the group said.

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